Wednesday, 11 December 2013

(walking) Home Alone

So I'm writing this in English because I believe as many people need to see this, read it, share it, and change things as possible.

Tonight I walked home from a friend's house. We both live in Grangetown, and it took me about 15 mins to walk home. I used to feel safe doing this, nowadays, not so much. There have been so many stories in newspapers recently about girls beibg sexually assaulted in the Grangetown area that I'm now rather scared to be walking in my own area after dark. To be honest, I wouldn't feel that safe if I were a man (for one my brother has been attacked-for no obvious reason, not even to steal money-several times, not in Grangetown, but in Cardiff city centre.

I'm writing this blog (and I hope you're still with me at this point, because I've prattled on a bit) because I've had it up to here with being scared and looking over my shoudler when I'm walking through where I like to call home. I've HAD ENOUGH!

I was prompted to write this because of a tweet by my friend that said she'd been refused several taxis because she lived too close to town. And this has probably happened to you, man or woman, you've been told that 'this taxi is booked' or a more honest/simple 'no I can't sorry'. It's disgusting and simply wrong. It's definitely happened to me. Granted, this is usually on a rugby international night, but this doesn't make it right. 

I hate that I cant even feel safe in my own neighbourhood. And it's not the fault of 99% of the people who live in the lovely Grange. To be honest it probably isn't anybody who lives here in Grangetown who'se been attacking people. But still. It's frigging disgusting, so wrong, and not acceptable. 

Can we please do something about this?! Can't we make our streets safer? Don't we deserve to be able to walk in our own neighbourhood alone without fear?

We need several things to help our situation and the situation in so many other neighbourhoods in Cardiff and beyond. 

1. We need a promise and an agreement from taxi drivers that they will never refuse a fare from a lone woman or man
2. Better lighting on side and back streets everywhere in Cardiff
3. If you know of an attacker, report them. Even if it's your best friend, it's hard, but you're saving somebody. 

These steps might need refinement, but I'm sure we can all agree that things need to change, and that everyone needa to feel safer in and around Cardiff. 

Diolch am wrando/thanks for listening. Please share this where you can/rhannwch os gallwch.