Tuesday, 24 February 2015


We take recomendations all the time. Usually from peope we trust. But we also often take them from strangers. Namely waiters in reataurants. Tonight I'm sitting by the bar in a bar/eatery in Bethnal Green on my own. My waitress asked me what I wanted to eat and I said that I couldn't decide between the mutton and the pig cheeks. Without hesitation she recommended the pig cheeks. They were DIVINE. Amazing soft and tender meat with huge borlotti beans. A real midweek treat for me and myself. 

A little while later a man sat down next to me at the bar and asked a different waiter what he recommended. He jumped at the chance to recommend the sweetbreads and the  mutton. At this point I felt cheated. And then I thought about it. Why exactly did I feel like that? I'd asked a question of a complete stranger and trusted her answer, and was very happy with the result, and as far as I can twll, the man next to me was equally as satisfied. 

It's funny really how we trust a complete stranger to choose our food for us sometimes. And it's always so good when it pays off. 

By the way I'm in Mission in Bethnal Green, and the food is amazing. Try the pig cheeks. And the cheese board...